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The strategy of the IAS aspirants is changing now. Instead of Starting their preparation after graduation or post graduation is over, now students start preparation immediately after 10+2. To support the candidates in their approach, the foundation batches are being started by the institute for the UG and PG students.

You might question yourself. Do I have the talent ? The answer is - The right knowledge and right strategy will help you discover the talent in for the same, emphasis will be on in-depth coverage of syllabus. The examination needs much more than the routine and the basics. A linked approach is necessary which is very important, which the foundation batch aims to develop in the aspirants. Aearly start is bound to keep you much ahead of the others.

All those who have decided to opt for Civil services as a career are welcome to the world of intense preparation and judicious decision making. Intense preparation because success to the exam does not come easy and judicious decision making because a lot of sensible discrimination has to be there in order to decide what to study and what not to study. It is pointless to cram one Memory and at the same time, very careful so as not to miss important topics in the optional as well as in G.S.

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Civils in jammu

The Civil Services career has been a coveted career choice of individuals for more than a century. The students in Jammu had to move outside Jammu for genuine coaching for IAS and allied services for want of an Institute to provide coaching for more than the State services.
Now the aspirants have the answer to their prayers and there is no need to despair. National level coaching is available in Jammu itself. So aspirants can cheer and prepare fort most illustrious career of thir choice.

Civils in srinagar

Civils in Srinagar. The Civils has a branch in Srinagar with a vision of providing genuine and top-class coaching for the Civils Services. The tremendous reference that the institute received booked the morale of founder as well as the student of valley.
The Civils in Srinagar provides the national level coaching to the aspirants as the faculty we call is from Delhi. I think the day is not for when J&K will be next U.P. Which will produce the maximum number of Civil servants.